Linda Kreter Companies
Serial Entrepreneur

WiseHealth, Inc. 2007 – Present


WiseHealth’s efforts are directed toward large specialty populations, focusing on multimedia global outreach for advocacy, health and wellness, to improve market influence, strategic communication, meaningful education, and engagement. Multimedia outreach is global, diverse, and adaptable to rapid shifts in world events. Services dedicated to military veterans and their caregivers, global maritime seafarers, and healthier choices for all means flexible adaptation is constant, and genuine message connection central.

WiseHealth – Linda Kreter’s focus is health and wellness coaching for a life-balance and values foundation. Communication is more than words – understanding the life experience, adapting to change, body/mind/spirit cohesion, cultural integrity, and authentic messages based on personal core values.

Small Business Consulting 2003- Present

Offered process improvement, marketing evaluations, business growth through effective mentoring and collaboration, including leadership coaching, business development, public relations, nonprofit and corporate support, virtual workshops/training, and traditional and new media communications outreach. Startup support focused.

Professional Edge Training and Consulting, Inc. 1997-1999

Training versus Teaching is fundamental. Adult learning starts the transition to formal, practical skills learning, reinforcement, and culture shifts to accommodate the needs of clients whose staff required rapid re-training. Services focused on staff development, specific corporate training, and ongoing evaluations for skills maintenance.

American Telecom Solutions, LLC 1996-2000

With call center and data needs of the prior two companies, American Telecom Solutions began with internal support, and later grew to outside services and support to government and corporate telecommunications clients.

Pharmaceutical Research Plus, Inc. 1994-2003 (Non-compete to 2006)

Created niche market company to fill the heated demand for accelerated subject recruitment in clinical trials, working with pharmaceutical and biotech companies on large-scale drug studies in all phases to complete major and specialty trials expeditiously. Services included a full-service advertising agency, media planning and placement, 122-seat high-performance call center, specialized client/patient support, and patient adherence and retention. $30M/year company. (Sold)

Pharmaceutical Research Consulting, Inc. 1994-2003

Segmented work for Pharmaceutical Research Plus, Inc. in researching clinical trial protocols, advising on efficacy of centralized recruitment, specialty trials, or specific CRO, clinical site selection, IRB submissions, or clinical trial protocol reviews. (Sold)

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