Durable People Thrive

The questions that matter look different for everyone, but include: Who are you really? What lights you up, and what are the must-do’s in your life? How do you showcase your past experiences and learn from your personal stories? Where would you like to be this time next year? Have you taken the time to consider your next phase in your journey? If not now, then when? It’s your time.

Durable People Thrive™ training or coaching builds resilience to keep you going when you may question yourself. We all do – and learn techniques to push through the barriers, both self-limiting and external. Please join us:


Durability, stamina, discipline, resilience, and grit are the hallmarks of success. Be the mighty Lion who walks in confidence, leads from the front, and also forms a pride — those with interconnected goals and outcomes.

Working with a coach or trainer provides access to a non-judgmental person devoted to your well-being and success. Coaching and training opens your mind to new thoughts, reveals patterns, and uncovers renewed drive. You are worthy! You are not stuck, but instead moving toward strength. Revising, discovering, and redirecting your mindset can be trained, refined, leveled-up, and individualized to your goals. It’s extraordinary how outcomes change for the better when using simple approaches that are practical, immediately accessible, and provide greater understanding of your message. In short: deliver your message with intentional goals.

Did you know that your underlying values determine the way others will connect with you? You do attract who you are. I’d love to help you discover the inner longings you may have (temporarily) suppressed while life taught you lessons, both good and trying. Experience is a phenomenal teacher. Contact me for a short, no-obligation consult:

Master Classes include others seeking more: more confidence, more who seek to learn, expands viewpoints with discussions, and gives you freedom to grow without judgement. One-on-one Coaching in the topic of your choice will also have within the concept of resilience, grit, and yes, Durability. The past several years may have felt stifling or — gave you a new opportunity to ponder? Please inquire, join our Facebook page, or email or contact me. It’s never too late to bloom where you’re planted!

Training is another avenue for growth: past subjects cover diverse topics encompassing digital health and wellbeing, resilience, wellness and wellbeing, and relating new challenges to evidence-based solutions. Other timeless topics re-emphasize child and youth resilience, the foster care system, positive mental health, suicide prevention in youth and adults, compassionate communication, and staff development with inclusive self-care.

Testimonials are personal, informative, positive, and ask for more — most happy to provide further discussion.

E-classes are great for self-paced learning, and Master Classes are underway: Connection, even online is more important than ever, and face-to-face brings us together to discuss entrepreneurship, wellness, friendships, and invaluable peer support.

With varied life experiences, employing personal stories, teaching techniques for problem resolution, and promoting insights, self-awareness, and encouraging curiosity and personal discovery. Webinars and online meetings are interactive, and the messages tailored to immediate feedback and questions asked during the presentation. No two trainings are identical, and flexibility to engage with the audience that makes messages relevant and enduring.

All topics are to the key needs of the audiences, and the Master Class or e-classes described also permit rapid adaptation to your specific needs, upon request.

Durable People Thrive™ — my favorite program and Master Class, grew from many challenges and situations that will be familiar. We know now more than ever resilience skills must be enhanced! Flexibility to manage intense situations with grace, and the firm values-foundation to underpin your life will stretch you for better things to come. Self-Confidence, self-esteem, knowing you have the tools to manage situations is a significant accomplishment. Clearly, the pandemic emphasized the absolute need for Durability (resilience, grit, persistence, values) to thrive.

Durable People Thrive™ Training

Enhanced Communication and Leadership: Today’s language, situations, environment, and participants are varied communicators. Cohesion is improved with an understanding of the shifts that best suit cohorts that may communicate differently. Through examples, interactive Q&A, images, and even humor, communication may be bolstered to create adaptive teams and creative individuals who better enjoy working together.

Be Your Best Friend™: Why do we not treat ourselves as we treat others? This is a key element to positive wellness and will be launched as an e-class soon and incorporated into the Durable People Thrive™ Master Classes.

Additional Specialty audiences include the military and maritime families:

Military and General Family Caregivers represent a huge audience in the United States — 64MM family caregivers are supported through a growth mindset, self-care, and resilience training and knowing how to navigate the vastly confusing medical system. Healthcare is constantly changing and we must be learn to be our own advocates. Twenty-five years in allied healthcare, from clinical research to patient advocacy helps others with examples and methods to ensure the best outcomes for individual needs.

Additional Trainings exist for youth, education, clergy, and teams in general to operate smoothly, with clarity, and with intentional purpose. Email for more information: 

Additional Training/Coaching Programs — with more by request:

General Communications (a subset of topics)

  • Avoiding Triangular Communication
  • Self-Sabotage
  • Clarity in Communication
  • Proactive Engagement to Reduce Client or Staff Issues
  • Call Center Training for Customer Service Success
  • Prioritize Team Development
  • How to Positively Manage Expensive Communication Failures
  • Decision Overload
  • Overthinking: Analysis Paralysis
  • Multitasking or Task-switching?
  • Intergenerational Understanding and Value
  • How to Manage Toxic People
  • The Waste of Worry
  • Boundaries — Setting and Keeping Them
  • Running on Empty? Burnout Rechargers
  • Bureaucracy Fatigue
  • The Value of the Intentional Pause
  • Recognizing Happiness
  • Grief and Loss
  • The Pet Effect
  • Importance of Gratitude

Health and Wellness:

  • Why Physical Health Supports Mental Health
  • Loneliness is an Epidemic
  • Adapting to a Virtual Environment
  • Questions Make for Better Healthcare
  • Sleep Deprivation and Health
  • We Don’t Always Win, But We Always Learn
  • Character is at the Core of Success
  • Children’s Health and Wellness
  • Celebrate All Your Wins
  • Managing Life Transitions Well
  • Understanding Ambiguous Loss
  • Digital Detox
  • Suicide Prevention and Postvention
  • Grief and Loss

Family Caregivers

  • Life is Not a Dress Rehearsal
  • How to Juggle Priorities – Triaging for Sanity
  • Importance of Self-Care for the Caregiver
  • How to Navigate the Medical System
  • Dealing with Rude People
  • The Art of Overlooking
  • Caregiver’s Changing Needs and Support Resources
  • Avoiding Caregiver Isolation
  • Family Engagement and Communication
  • Survivors

Military Family Issues

  • Invisible Combat Injuries: Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)
  • Recognizing Fundamental Support of Military Families
  • Combat Trauma and Intimate Partner Violence
  • Military Sexual Trauma (female and male issues)
  • Special Needs Family Issues (EFMP) and Resources
  • Post-Traumatic Growth
  • Resiliency
  • Military to Civilian Transitions

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